Since 23 October 2018 I participate in this super fun project.
From a vending machine at Theater Odeon,Blijmarkt Zwolle, you can buy a Pack of Art containing art from a local artist.

Pakje Kunst® is an initiative in which we draw attention to local artists in an easily accessible manner in their own region. This gives the buyer access to the art supply from the region.
The artwork is the size of a packet of cigarettes and you pull out of old mechanical cigarette vending machines for only € 4. Participating artists receive € 3 of this. You can encounter every art form in a box.
You draw a Pack of Art out of curiosity, as a gift for a friend, as something extra with a bunch of flowers or a bottle of wine, as something special, as a collector's item, you name it.
Art can surprise, confuse, touch, irritate, et cetera. In order to fully understand it, art has an incubation period.
Pakje Kunst is an initiative of Ro-Nalt Schrauwen, visual artist from Tilburg and inspired by the German Kunstautomat. The goal of Pakje Kunst is to place at least one machine in every COROP area in the Netherlands and hopefully 15 in Flemish Belgium
December 2016, the first three vending machines in Tilburg were taken into use. Meanwhile, this number has grown to 30 vending machines in 22 COROP areas and more than 700 artists are involved.



How I see LandArt;

A temporary artwork made on location with natural materials found at that location. The place and the work together form the artwork.

The location, Sometimes the location gives inspiration for the work, sometimes the inspiration is already there but you are looking for the right place. Often the work will show best on a clean simple surface and disturbing elements like leaves and branches not part of the work, will have to be removed first. With a closeup, the environment may be less important, but often it is nice to let the environment play a role in the work. I often take a picture of the location before I start, on the picture I see if the location "works" or not.

The materials; pebbles, twigs, berries, sand, leaves, bark, clay, seeds, snow, ice, etc. The material itself does not have to be special. Simple twigs can work very well. It is easy when there is a lot of material available. On the beach you work with the sand in the forest with leaves. I often look for a kind of uniformity in the material. Leaves with the same shape and size. Personally, I find it nice to limit myself in the number of types of material I use, however, several types are also possible.

The form; Through repetition, the materials form circles, squares, spirals, sloping lines, planes, geometric shapes and occasionally I work figuratively. When creating the shapes I think it is very important to pay attention to the details. It is precisely through these details that the work gets its beauty.

The photo; Since the work often disappears quickly I try to "capture" it by taking pictures. During the making I often look through the camera lens, in one way or another it looks different than when I look with the naked eye. I also often take a photo in between then I often see what does and does not come out well on the photo. Sometimes there are works that look nice on the spot but do not look good on the picture, it can also be the other way around. Taking a nice photo can be quite a challenge. Sometimes I am happy with the sun other times I beg for a cloud because the shadows can occasionally be very annoying in the photo. I recommend taking photos from different perspectives.

Challenges; Well it is not always easy making LandArt, you need a lot of patience. The work that you have worked on for two hours can be wiped out by the wind within 2 seconds. A rain shower, the disappearing daylight and yes then you still have those stray dogs ..... they do not all appreciate the art.

Inspiration; For me, a great inspiration is Andy Goldsworthy,, perhaps one of the founders of the Land Art movement, but also James Brunt who creates extremely beautiful works with the utmost precision. Facebook has a number of groups where people post their works Landart, LAND ART