A few years ago, I worked with Mies when I recorded a video for my rendition of a Bob Dylan song. In less than a day, we achieved something great. A video that captured the spirit of the song.

Working with Mies was easy and relaxed. No stress on her account. And wonderful ideas. Thanks again Mies, for a great video and experience!

Gerry van der Laan  (The video)


一生の宝物ですミース、ありがとう! (The Video) 

Mies creates the best videos, she is very skilled in catching the most beautiful images. If you want to see the video she made for us, just send us a message (ship in Gorinchem, Netherlands). She has lots of very nice stories about Japan and the travelling she did and she can talk/ knows something about any topic.
We are so happy: Mies, a Big Thank You for you !!!

Teus en Marloes (The Video) 

Mies is a very focused person and definitely reliable.. 

We met after she had posted on one of the  Couchsurf groups offering to make a video to put on youtube in trade for a place to sleep in Rome. We made a 5 minute mini documentary out of some raw footage of mine in only 2 1/2 days. She was really patient and directed me to work in collaboration on the editing.. It was a really great experience for me..

Pietra, Rome (The Video) 

It feels like a video that gentle tells what its like to have an every day life at Shambala. Its perfect, actually!Thanks so much for all your work. You have been amazing,

Love Melissa, Shambla Gatherings.  (The Video) 

Mies made a wonderful aftermovie of one of our social events. She captured the people and ambiance beautifully. As well as applying her own expertise and eye for detail, she was eager to learn about our branding and editing preferences. It was a pleasure to work with her and she's welcome to join us again 

Imogen Rao - Amsterdam BLEND Events (non-profit organisation) ( The Video )

Mies produced a number of videos for WWOOF Japan in 2012. We were happy with the work. Mies was responsive to concerns we had and made changes for us. When we next require videos to be made we would consult with Mies about having her produce them. 
The team at WWOOF Japan
WWOOF Japan (The Videos) 

It’s always a great pleasure to work with you, Mies. You are creative, quick and you adapt easy to the situation.For us it’s important that the camera integrates in the ‘Qifield (Energyfield)’ of our workshops as we practice Qigong. With Mies it integrates easily and the result is always perfect. 

Anne, Zhigong institute (One of many videos)

Mies is a really nice person to have around, and the video's that she made for the project are excellent. I certainly recommend her!

Klaas Meelker, Crazy Camps (One of the videos) 

Mies! Great person.. funny, sweet, intelligent, hard worker, creative, etcetera etcetera :) Mies has been one of my first workawayers, and I am really happy with all the good times and all the work she done.. The promo movie she made is excellent! A must watch :) 

Branko, Robin Food (The video( One more video) 

Mies shot a video of my workshops, at the festival Into The Great Wide Open. It was nice collaborating with Mies. The video has become very nice, and gives a good impression of the workshop, and the festival. Looking forward in collaborating more often with Mies.

Luuk Wiehink (The Video)

It was a pleasure to work with Mies! I don't know so many people that can be so professional and dedicated and at the same time informal and sweet.

If you own a big and dirty enterprise there is no need to contact her, but if you are working on a fair project, she will give full dedication to you.

I have no doubt in recommend her!

Rodrigo     (The Video)

In 2014 Mies made a very nice mini documentary about the Day of the Park at the end of May. For this she interviewed lots of participants, visited different parks before and on the day of the event and figured out a clear way of telling the story. The result is a movie of 3 minutes with beautiful shots that give a quick and accurate image of what happened on that day in the parks of Amsterdam and how visitors experienced the day and the parks in Amsterdam in general. I used the movie as a visual report of the day and as an inspiration for new events.

Geertje Wijten