Kiwi Jam

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35 years ago we took a fruit that was new in the Netherlands to my grandmother who was in the hospital. Those black seeds, yuck she was not eating those. We were so impressed by the fruit that we took the seeds home, put them in some soil and planted the seedlings in the garden. The plants grew happily but didnt bear any fruits. We realised we had female plants who missed their man and so we got a male version. The fruits started coming. Though they were small and rock hard so for years we did not eat them. Then a few years ago, hurray to the info on the internet, we found out that if you add a banana they actually become edible. This year I was showing the harvest to a friend he told me if we cross-fertilezed the kiwi's ourselves we could also name it. My grandmother and I have the same name, Mies, and therefore I call them Miewies :)


Kiwi's, Jelly Sugar, Lemon, some honey 
( some pots have orange juice instead of lemon, some pots are without lemon or orange juice) 
There is about 420 grams of jam in each pot

The taste is fresh and fruity.
Read here how healty they are for you :) 

A video of how the jam was made